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Fanfiction? [Jul. 21st, 2006|11:29 pm]
Fawlty Towers appreciation


Hello, and I am happy to join a Farty Towels community. I absolutely adore John Cleese and I'm trying to get my other Python fan friend to start watching the series on PBS.

I'm also a bit of a dorky fanfiction writer (though I normally don't watch a show and think "oh, what a cute pairing" it's distracting) and I was wondering if anyone knew of FT fics.

I love the icons in this community, and... if I could make a request... I'd like some Basil/Sybil, Basil/Polly, or Polly/Manuel icons, or, even better, screencaps so I could make my own and post here.

From: ex_izziebell140
2006-08-01 09:58 am (UTC)

Am taking the Flying Tart and Oh No ones.
I will credit you in my lj, of course!
You rock!!!
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[User Picture]From: starwriterlv
2006-08-01 08:40 pm (UTC)
Awww yeah!


I am planning on making more once I have a moment!

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